Hiring a boat at your holiday destination

Europe may be one of the smallest continents in the world, but it is certainly one of the greatest in terms of cultural and historical legacy. Therefore, renting a boat to sail across Europe during the summer is an experience that can combine so many different things-swimming and relaxing on the beach, party at night, but also visit numerous historical sites and learn about the local culture when you rent my boat. Here's a list of various European’s most beautiful islands where you [...]

Easy ways on how to rent a yacht in Italy

Easy ways on how to rent a yacht in Italy
Italy is a beautiful country, which is world famous today, not for its involvement in history, or for its success in the world of motorization. But rather for the beauty of this country, and the different activities to be done on site, during his vacation periods.Why Italy?Like the aforementioned, Italy is a country famous for its cars, both in terms of car and motorcycle, but it is also a country affiliated with gastronomy. Because it must be remembered that this is where pizzas and pasta (yacht rentals italy) [...]