Boat hier Italy to see all of the italian coastline

Italy is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the sea, exotic colors and a cuisine that will certainly please the palate. Italy is a peninsula encircled on the Mediterranean Sea by 7,458 km of shoreline. A shortened coastline shows beautiful charms, hidden bays, sandy beaches and coves that make it ideal for any type of holiday. In our view, renting a ship and seeing it from a distinct view is the best way to experience the wonderful nation. The coast provides scenic seaside cities and cruising line-of-sight.

Cost and accessibility

In Italy, the high season usually begins at the end of May and extends into the first weeks of September. During this era, owing to enhanced sailing circumstances and strong demand for ships, you will pay a premium. Depending on the type of boat you want to hire, average prices for larger catamarans range from € 192 to € 400. You can hire them with skipper or as a bareboat for most ships in Italy. Check each ship for the particular skipper cost. The average cost differs with the type of ship you want to lease and the length of the boat.

Boat affordability

As mentioned previously, it will involve booking well in advance for the high season from May to September. If your project is a high season yacht charter italy rental, you must book well in advance of March. Much of the fleet is booked by mid-March, like most famous locations. In November or December, scheduling should normally begin to give you enough time to sort out your project. More than 50% of ships in Italy are booked after March. Depending on the starting port, the figures will fluctuate. A broad choice of ships can still be found and SamBoat is here to assist you with this. At Samboat, we can help you find the boat by your intended activity, cabins, size or even if you want a boat with skipper.

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